Through the Jumby Bay Fund, we feel we have made a huge difference in the lives […]
Jumby Bay Fund is raising funds for one of our most important projects: Give someone a […]
Jumby Bay Island
The 128 patients at Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital have been in lockdown now for just about a […]
This week, the Jumby Fund delivered 1,004 food parcels delivered to the neediest in Antigua. Each […]
Antigua is at a critical point in attempting to slow the spread of Covid-19 virus and […]
Our funds helped lead to the installation of four fans at Liberta Primary School. The fans […]
The second Jumby Bay Fund ROHRMAN Barbuda took place on Sunday 8th March, 2020. As in […]
The Jumby Bay Fund has agreed to fund the purchase a new Toyota Mini-Bus with wheelchair […]
Shark Bait Swim 2019
The 16th Shark Bait Swim will be held on Sunday 5th April, 2020, at 2pm.
The Halo Foundation, Inc. is on a mission to improve the conditions, education and well being […]