Uprising Boxing Gym
Jumby Bay Fund has agreed to buy some new equipment for Uprising Boxing Gym. Established by […]
In coordination with the Department of Energy, the Jumby Bay Fund has helped launch a brand […]
The government-run Care Project provides long-term housing and medical support to children and young adults with […]
The Jumby Bay Fund sponsored the design and build of fully-accessible toilets at the Wallings Nature […]
The Jumby Bay Fund agreed to sponsor the building of a new sail loft, reception area […]
Jumby Bay Fund agree to help sponsor the Antigua & Barbuda Tennis Association who will be […]
Our 15th Annual Shark Bait Swim took place on 7th April 2019 and it was a […]
Shark Bait Swim April 19
The 15th Annual Shark Bait Swim is to be held next Sunday 7th April. We already […]
Uprising Boxing Gym
Jumby Bay Fund is once again proud to be able to support Uprising Boxing by funding […]
Kanneh Masons 2019
The Jumby Bay Fund were honoured to be able to sponsor the Kanneh-Masons’ “Playing to Inspire […]