Hawksbill Turtle Project

The longest-running, privately funded initiative of its kind, Jumby Bay’s Hawksbill Project focuses on the scientific study of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle and works to ensure the species’ survival and recovery. The secluded beaches of Jumby Bay Island have long been a favored nesting ground for the hawksbills. Each year, from June to November, a project team monitors nesting activities, recording each event and tagging each turtle. Since the project’s inception in 1987, over 450 turtles have been individually identified and tagged, and hundreds of thousands of hatchlings have scurried down the sand into Pasture Bay to begin their life journeys. For more information on the project, please visit www.jbhp.org.

Resort guests and local school children have the opportunity to actively participate in Turtle Watches which are beach patrols to tag and study nesting hawksbills.