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St John’s Cathedral

The history of St. John’s Cathedral dates back to August 20, 1681, when the settling government passed an act to divide Antigua into five Parishes, with each to have its own church. The first Parish Church of St. John’s was a simple wooden structure built within the compound of the present Cathedral. After just over 20 years of service, the original structure was deemed inadequate, and the Second Church was commissioned and completed sometime before 1750. After a devastating earthquake that left the Second Church in ruins, the Current Cathedral was commissioned, built and finally opened for Public Worship on Sunday, October 10, 1847. The historical site comprises of an external stone structure, and a wooden interior structure. It has served the people of Antigua through earthquakes registering in excess of 7 on the Richter scale, and category 4 hurricanes, but time continues to take its toll on the structure.

Restoration efforts began in 2010, and now regular worship services are available in the Cathedral, though work continues throughout the Cathedrals structure, façade, and electrical systems. The Jumby Bay Fund has committed to supporting the Restoration of St. John’s Cathedral, in the hopes of preserving a landmark in the time and history of the island of Antigua.