Shark Bait Swim

Each year, local swimming clubs, Jumby Bay homeowners and guests and staff of the resort take part in a challenging 3-kilometer swim from Jumby Bay Island to mainland Antigua. Proceeds from the event are allocated across various philanthropic organizations and community projects in Antigua.

Our 15th Annual Shark Bait Swim took place on 7th April 2019 and it was a huge success with 108 swimmers covering a distance of 324 kms. This year we had the widest age gap with the youngest swimmer Alyssa Watkins, age 5, finishing the 3km course in 98 minutes and 54 seconds. At the other end of the spectrum we had Peter Hunt, age 81, finishing in 100 minutes and 35 seconds.

The fastest three swimmers were: In first place Sebastian Gobinet (42 minutes 9 seconds), 2nd Bianca Mitchell (44 minutes 12 seconds) and in 3rd place Tanner Esty (44 minutes 40 seconds). The homeowners trophy was picked up by Andrew Barrett in a time of 80 minutes 27 seconds.

Every swimmer was greeted in festival style by a large and enthusiastic crowd of spectators.


1st Place: Sebastian Gobinet 42:09 mins.
2nd Place: Bianca Mitchell 44:12 mins.
3rd Place: Tanner Etsy 44:40 mins.

8 and under female – Anushree Satpute
8 and under male – Zahid Derrick
10 and under female – Madison McMillan
10 and under male – Espit Shaw
12 and under female – Lola Norwood Perkins
12 and under male – Ethan Stubbs-Green
14 and under female – Ariana John
14 and under male – Tanner Etsy
18 and under female – Bianca Mitchell
18 and under male – Sebastian Gobinet
18 – 45 and under female – Emily Dobson
18 – 45 and under male – Adam Gobat
Over 45 female – Julie Etsy
Over 45 male – Wayne Henry
Youngest – Alyssa Watkins (Age 5)
Oldest – Peter Hunt (Age 81)
Homeowner – Andrew Barrett