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Hurricane Irma Relief For Barbuda

Jumby Bay Island and the island of Antigua were incredibly lucky to have been spared from a direct impact and the most devastating effects of the storm.

Our sister island of Barbuda did not fair so well. Barbuda was hit by the eye of the storm and suffered catastrophic damage. In an effort to assist with the relocation of the residents of Barbuda, Jumby Bay Island provided two ferries and crew to help evacuate, going back and forth from Barbuda to Antigua assisting in the rescue mission.

Whilst the rescue and recovery efforts are on going, any additional help will be vital in the recovery of Barbuda and its people. If you would like to help, you can donate funds through our non-profit, the Jumby Bay Fund.

Please go to our donation page (http://jumbybayfund.com/donate) where you can choose an amount to donate, and direct your contributions to the efforts for Barbuda by electing to “Apply My Donation” to “Hurricane Irma Relief for Barbuda.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.